VW T5 (Caravelle)

The VW-bus is the reference for camping vans in Germany. Here you see a T5 Caravelle with 9 seats and short wheel stand.


Pros and cons:

+ a lot of space

+ all rear seats can be disassembled without tools

+ the covers of the rear wheel boxes are quite small


- usually the models with a nice interior are quite expensive


If you look for a transporter model with the same seat configuration it is more affordable, robust but spartan too. 

What has to be disassembled?

The third row of seats has to be removed. The second one can stay in the car. In this case the right seat of this row is removed too to get the complete length for storage purpose and an easy access to the back. The adjustable feet are used without the counter nuts so that the height of the front lying surfaces are adapted to the folded back rest of the second passenger seats..

Assembly and securing

Here the rear left fixing point, a bolt of the third row of seats and a horizontal tube of the second row of seath are used.

Set up the bed

When the feet are adjusted in the right height, the front lying surfaces are supported by the backrest of the second row. Because of the missing right seat one pole has to be mounted.

What else fits beside the unit?

Busses are quite big anyway. In this model you have the complete length on the right for storage purposes. The width is good for two bycycles. When the unit is in basic configuration you still have 6 seats available.


If you are travelling with just two persons the lying surface might be set up all the time.


In the T5 the kitchen box can be well used from the inside .