There is a common thread about the high roof combi vans, which allows to design one camping unit for many different vans. The bigger you choose your car, the easier it will be to use Mokea42.


Mokea42 is universally usable. It is delivered allways in the same way, so that you can still use the unit after changing your car. 


For example you might start with an old Renault Kangoo (By pure chance listet on the left!) and then "rise" to a VW T5-bus (By pure chance listet on the left too!).



The way things are at the moment, Fiat Fiorino/Cubo and its counterparts made by Peugeot and Citreon (Bipper and Nemo) can not be equipped with Mokea42. The possible length with driving seat pushed maximal to the front will de around 170 to 180 cm. So the unit is only usable in single bed configuration, when the top part of the single bed surface is folded or dismounted. It is the same for the actual Ford Turneo Courier. 


There are so many different high roof combi vans and mini vans with so many different car  bodies, seat and window configurations available, so that it is nearly impossible to check them all personally. So, here are the dimensions in mm that you might check if the unit fits your car:

from behind

from the left side

from above