Ford Transit Custom 9 seats long wheelstand

Here you see a Transit Custom with 9 seats and a long wheelstand. This vehicle has an additional heater on the rear left side, which leads on to air outlets in the bottom.


Pros and cons:

+ much of space

+ easy care level floor

+ fixing points of the rear passanger seats are quite flat

+ minimal covers of the rear wheel boxes, this creates much of space


- the third row of passanger seats has to be dismounted

- this model does not have a 12V-plug in the rear. You have to use the additional battery box for the water supply.

What has to be disassembled?

The third row of the rear passenger seat has to be disassembled. The second row is, as you might see, demounted too, but it might stay in the car when the back rest is folded to the front.


It is possible to adjust the feet that the height of the lying surfaces matches with the second row of seats. Therefore you will not need to mount the additonal poles anymore.

Assembly and securing

It is best to use the unit with the adjustable feet. The plastic through is stable and the rubber pads under the adjustable feet prevent the unit from sliding around and you will not get scratches on the ground.


Because of the heater on the left the unit is oriented to the right and to the back. The unit is fixed to the rear point on the left, one time to a lower horizontal bar and one time at the front to the spare mounting spots of the back seats.

Set up the bed

This model of the Custom has no holding devices or other fixing points at the roof. Therefore you will need all the supplied poles.


It is possible to keep the single bed built all the time and mount the second surface just when you need it.

What else fits beside the unit?

This is a van and in this special case with a Long wheelstand. There is a lot of space! Your are not restricted with gear for different board sports. Beside the single bed is easily space for two bicycles.


You orient the unit to the front and/or to the left side, if you need it for special equipment.