VW Caddy Maxi

The VW Caddy is the bestseller regarding MPVs in Germany. The "Maxi"-model is quite large and might be compared to some mini busses. Here you see a latest Caddy for maximum 7 passengers.


Pros and cons:

+ The roof liner is not badly built, the covers at the doors are quite narrow in comparison to the Berlingo.

+ All back seats can be disassembled without tools.

+ Up to the centre console you have approximatly 2,15m length.

+ The covers of the rear wheel boxes are quite low and the upper surface is even.

+ The 12V-plug in the rear works without switching on the ignition and might run an thermo electric cooler, without  collapsing the power supply.


- Space between the wheel boxes is a little more than 1,10m. Some other MPV have remarkable more.

- In this model the cover is designed quite far to the front, the more spartan models do not have it like that.

- The tracks for the third seats 6 and 7 are a little bit awkward for using the unit without the adjustable feet.


There is a so called "ecoProfi"-model available, which is cheaper and quite spartan, but the unit can be postioned more flexible. 

What has to be disassembled?

The rear seats (6 and 7) have to be removed. The second row might stay in the car. It has to be folded to the front. While using the adjustable feet the lying surface can be adapted, that it is built over the back seats. Because the shown model has a nice carpet in the car boot, the unit is mounted without the adjustable feet, to prevent spotty loads. If there is a rubber mat or a wooden ground, it is better to use the adjustable feet.


It was not testet, if the carpet might have been damaged anyway.

Assembly and securing

Here we used the two left fixing points. Third fixing point is a bolt of the second row of passenger seats.


Because the covers of the rear wheel boxes are designed quite far to the front, the unit is not positioned completly to the back. You have around 20 cm room to the back rail of the car boot. If you use the adjustable feet, it is possible to mount the unit way more to the back.

Set up the bed

The Caddy Maxi is so long, that the lying surface might be supported with the front poles or the front part is fixed by the straps lead through the safety belt positioners.

What else fits beside the unit?

Everything that fits the Berlingo works here too.


Additionally you can take two mountain bikes with you. That is hardly possible for the shorter models.