Citroen Berlingo (Multispace)

As shown in "possibilities" the first series unit was mounted to a Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2016 model). 


Pros and cons:

+ backrest of front passenger seat foldable

+ all rear seats individual and without tools to disassemble

+ many storage compartements


- glass roof with kind of a center console and some gimmicks, which costs approximatly 15cm free height

- storage compartement in the back of the roof, which is quite convenient, but costs approximatly 15 cm free height too

- the 12V-plug in the rear works only with switched on ignition. But the use of the pump for the water supply is even then working for just a few seconds. This 12V-supply is more for charging a mobile phone. So you have to use the supplementary batteries.


The first two cons are optional equipment. You do not have to take it.

What has to be disassembled?

Left and middle rear seats have to be disassembled. Works without tools and by one person. Right rear seat might stay in the car, but you are loosing the loading length.

Assembly and securing

Because of the optional equipment in the roof and the nice carpet, it is useful to mount the unit without the adjustable feet. There is easy accsess to the fixing points on the left. Third fixing possibilities are the locking bolts of the left and middle rear seats.

Set up the bed

To keep the extension of the left lying surface free of the seatbelt positioner, orientate the unit with unfolded right lying surface to the right site of the car. Door- and roofcovers are quite fat in the Berlingo.


The straps to support the front lying surfaces must be guided through the seatbelt positioners.


It is possible to thread them additionaly to the safety belt.

What else fits beside the unit?

28" trekking bike fits without any changes.  Front seat passenger is still on board. Single bed is still possible to huddle up to your bike while sleeping. 

Here 3 kiteboards (3x wave with fins, 1x twintip) and one kite beneath lying surface, 2 kites easily packed behind the front passenger seat. front seat passenger is still on board and might sleep beside the driver over night. 

Windsurfing  gear: 2 boards (Freestyle 100l and quad wave with mounted fins), 5 sails (3,6 to 5,7 qm), 4 masts, 2 booms. Front seat passenger has to stay at home, but you can huddle up to your boards over night. Windsurfers are capable of suffering.


PS: The right wing mirror is still visible!


Without the roof gimmicks an additional surf board might fit.