What is the weight of the unit?

The unit weighs approximatly 74 kg with all features.

Is it possible to put the unit into the car by myself?

Yes, it is possible.


When you are alone it is best to start with the basic rack without the foldable lying surfaces. The rack weighs appr. 22 kg.


After fixing the rack with the tension belts, the foldable lying surfaces will be mounted (appr. 5 and 7 kg). You do not nee any tools.


At least the kitchen box has to be assembled (appr. 30 kg). When you are clever, remove the cooler before.


The Dacia (see in vehicles) was equipped by one person.


Even when you are two it is best to mount the kitchen box at least.  Then it is easier to find the best position of the unit in the car and to have accesss to the fixing points.

What is so nice about these high roof MPVs?

They are cheap. Regarding the image, especially looking at the "naked" transporter versions without  back seat, you are at the end of the food chain. But they are very good affordable.


Additionaly you will have financial advantages related to maintenance, car tolls, ferry tolls and camping fees. You will have no problems with  height restrictions and narrow, winding entries to a spot.


The high roof combi vans are just working for two, but you do not have so much money bound that you still can afford traveling by plane booking a hotel or a cottage sometimes.


Well, they are not made for winter camping and after enduring three days of rain and storm it is a good check for the relation to yourself and your travelling companion.

When setting up the bed do I have to rearrange things?

All the stuff that is stored under the lying surfaces can remain there. The gear must not be moved. Just have a look at the following slideshow.

Why there is no "real" matress delivered with the camping unit?

The delivered selfinflating matresses have the following advantages:

  • Mokea42 can be used as single and double bed.
  • The selfinflating matresses are packing small and are not in the way over day.
  • Mokea42 is designed especially for the simultaneous transport of gear. If you have to leave in trouble and it is raining and windy, just throwing your gear in the car, a "real" matress is not a good choice.

How will Mokea42 be delivered?

To keep the production and transportation costs as low as possible, the camping unit will be delivered preassembled on a card board euro-pallet that it fits the pallet. The kitchen box is completely mounted. The leding surfaces at the side and the foldable lying surfaces have to be assembled.

And for the assembly I will need a finished university degree or what?

Yes, sinology would be nice, because I am importing it from China, very cheap and with original assembly instruction.


No, just kidding! There will be a detailed description delivered.

Is it possible to buy Mokea 42 without matresses, cooker, cooler and so on? I own it already.

Mokea42 is designed as a serial product. It is supposed to be used in one configuration fitting many different vehicles. Thus you might sell or buy it used.


To have much storage room around the camping unit, the kitchen box is designed for the serial equipment. You are not forced to use it. If you want to sell the camping unit sometimes, you might get a better price if these parts are still new.


The currently delivered cooling box is passive. It is possible to use active boxes with similar volume in the given storage space. But These boxes are more expensive. Actually we do not get a competitive price for a good active cooling box. So we do not want our sales price to explode. Therefore we prefer delivering a simple but usable box. Every one who already has a good active cooler, can put it for example behind the drivers back rest and store other things in the kitchen box.


The kitchen box has a free 12V-conncting point with low voltage control so that it is possible to use an existing active box.


If there will be the express wish of some customers to forego the equipment mentioned above, we might rethink.

Why the 6V-batteries for the pump of the independent water supply are not part of the delivery scope?

When the batteries are part of the delivery scope, we must be registered according to the german battery act. In consequence we are commited to take batteries back, even when they re not sold by us. That is not our business.

What, that expensive? I will do it myself cheaper!


If you evaluate your own work honestly and if you will work with equivalent materials and functions a "do-it-youself"-unit will not be cheaper. Even if I would publish my complete technical drawings, 3D-data and the buying sources.


The rack is made of anodized alloy, all screwed connections, adjustable feet, the cam levers and the metal sheet parts are made of stainless steel, the blue panels are made of pressure resistant so called compact full core material (exactly "DUROPAL-HPL Compact"-panels with a fine structure by Pfleiderer) with a tough surface and insensitive to moisture. Usually it is for laboratories and professional kitchens.


This material combination in connection with a flexible use is, as far as I know, currently unique.


For sure there are many personal solutions possible creating camping units you can find in the WWW.  They are OK for the owners but they are not necessarily a disposable product for other people.