Mokea42 - the camping unit for all those, who not only want to camp.

"If you don´t go, you won´t know!"

A quote from Timo Mullen, professional Windsurfer from  Ireland, I have read 2011 in a british windsurf magazine and it is still unforgettable.


Because it is exactly this why many of us are traveling around.


Travel reports in the WWW, Google Earth, webcams, likes and dislikes to whatever, can not replace the own experience, the own search for new spots and traveling itself.


Mokea42 wants to get you on the road, uncomplicated and fast. A simple and solid camping unit for one to two persons for sleeping, cooking and room for your gear.


All functions of a "real" campervan without the need to buy one.


Fits many vehicles, starts up from multiple-purpose vehicles (Kangoo, Caddy, Berlingo and so on) to all bigger vans.


No more excuses not to try something new.


Standard Equipment:

  • single bed 195x70 cm
  • or double 195x130 cm
  • 2x self inflating matresses appr. 195x65x7 cm
  • complete shipping space on the near side
  • kitchen box, completely extractable, easy to dismount, with
  • water supply (12L fresh water, 10L waste water, stainless steel sink and tap with micro switch, 12V-submersible pump, power supply via 12V car side connctor or independently with a 2x6V-battery box, 6V-batteries are not part of the delivery scope)
  • cooler 21,5 L with cooling packs
  • 2x single flame gas cartridge cookers and 2 cartridges
  • 12V-connection with low voltage control
  • storage compartment
  •  variable height with  adjustable feet with joint function
  • tension belts for securing of the camping unit
  • all materials insensitive to humidity and restistant against mechanical stresses
  • mounting the beds independant from the car or fixed at seat belt positioner or head rest possible.
  • kitchen box available from the back or from inside.

price 2345.- € excl. local VAT (plus packaging and shipment)


delivery time currently around 1 week