Renault Kangoo (model 2002)

Here an older MPV, so to say first generation. Special equipment are the additional storage compartments on both sides at the roof. Usually the rear wheel box cover are less voluminous than in the new vehicles and the car boot cover is not that high. So you get a lot of space inside though the outside dimensions are less comparable to the new models. The car has no carpet but a rubber mat.


Pros and cons:

+ rear seats might stay in the car


- It seems to be possible to remove the back seats, but the mechanic struggled against successfully after 14 years of not using it. 

-there is no 12V-plug in the rear of this model. You have to use the additional battery box.

What has to be disassembled?

Just the car boot cover.

Assembly and securing

It is best to mount the unit with the adjustable feet. The rubber mat is uneven and by using the adjustable feet it is possible to adapt to this. Additionaly the unit is secured against slipping.


In some older vehicles the fixing points are set more to the inside of the car boot.


We have lead two straps around two lower horizontal bars and the third strap is fixed to a bolt of the folded back seats.

Set up the bed

The front passenger seats can be easily folded. The securing belts for supporting the unfolded lying surfaces can be guided through or above the upper safety belt fixing points.


You will need just two poles for the right lying surface. 


The lying surface is arranged above the rear wheel box covers.

Just hang the belt around the safety belt fixing point.

Or the strap is lead through the seat belt positioner. 

You need two poles on the right side.

And with extracted kitchen box.

What else fits beside the unit?

Behind the folded back seat you still have around 1,3m space on the right. If the back seat is disassembled,  you will get a storage room comparable to the Berlingo.